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If you want to print a 1 or 2 color design onto a cotton or poly/cotton blend t-shirt there is no better feel than a plastisol transfer.   At Transfer Express we offer two screen printed transfers recommended for cotton and poly/cotton blends, Goof Proof and Hot Split.    Which will best meet your needs?  Both are screen printed,  plastisol inks.  Both ship in just one business day when ordered by noon ET.   Let’s take a look at the two different types of plastisol transfers.

Goof Proof  Screen Printed Transfers

Goof Proof is our best-selling transfer.    Customers love the soft feel, quick application and durability.    Goof Proof is a screen-printed transfer using plastisol ink and an added adhesive.    This adhesive makes the transfer easy to apply, it is called Goof Proof for a reason!  The added adhesive also helps with opacity and durability.    We have improved Goof Proof over the years so that even with the adhesive, you get a nice, soft feel on your apparel.

One color Goof Proof applies in just 4-6 seconds making it the fastest transfer to apply.    This fast application will save you time and increase your profits.    Multi color Goof Proof applies in 10 seconds.

We also offer names and numbers in Goof Proof transfers, to give your apparel that professional, retail look and feel.

Hot Split Screen Printed Transfers

Hot Split transfers use the same screen printed, plastisol ink on the same release paper, but there is no adhesive added.    This will give the transfer a slightly softer feel than Goof Proof.     Because there is not an added adhesive, it is important that your magic settings-time, temperature and pressure are all exact.    Hot Split is not as forgiving as Goof Proof, accuracy is important.

When you apply a Hot Split transfer, you are melting the ink directly into the apparel fabric.  Hot Split works best when using dark inks on a lighter colored fabric.    For this reason, we don’t recommend using Gold, Tennessee Orange or any of the neon ink colors in hot split on darker colors.    Our white hot split does have an additive to help with opacity, but you will lose some of the detail in exchange.    We don’t recommend using White Hot Split for detailed work.

Hot Split transfers apply in 10 seconds.

What is Your Choice?

In most cases, Goof Proof will be your best choice for a screen printed transfers.    It just can’t be beat for the combination of feel, ease of application and opacity you will achieve.     We do offer free samples of both products so you can test and compare.   Here is also an ink chart to help with your choice.

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