5 Tips for Selling Custom Printed Caps

One of the fastest ways to grow your t-shirt business is to sell more to the same customer. One of the easiest products to add to your mix to accomplish this goal is caps.

To print caps you will need a cap press. We have three cap presses to meet any budget – the Maxx, the Auto Open and the 360 IQ.

Here are 5 tips for selling and printing caps:

1. Look around and you will see the popularity of custom printed caps. This, like t-shirts, is a product customers want.

2. Printing can be free. We sell our custom transfers by the gang sheet. This means you can fill the sheet with as much as will fit for the same price. The ideal size for a custom cap print is about 2.25” tall. On every order, take a look at your sheet to see if you can add a cap print to the sheet.

3. Caps are profitable! Wholesale caps sell for about $3. Add your free custom print from your sheet and sell it for $10-$15 and you will make $7-$12 on every cap sale.

4. Caps are easy to apply. The secret to good cap application is it to make sure the cap fits snuggly against the curved platen. 5 panel hats (those without a middle seam) are easier to apply to than a 6 panel. Our favorites for custom transfer application are the foam trucker caps and CP86 a five panel cap from Port Authority. Unstructured are easier to apply than structured since they will more easily fit tightly against the platen.

5. Cap designs are simple. With caps, the simpler the better — there is not much design real estate. So when designing, keep it simple with less text and effects.

So “top” off your sales by adding custom caps to your mix! Try a free cap sample pack

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Edwina Ramsey

Hi, do you sell Christian prints?

Dealer Services

Hi Edwina,
We do have a religion themed section of layouts here:

You can also change any layout to say what you would like, even if it is from a different category. Hope this helped!


I have read your blog. Honestly I’ve never read this type of blog before. Appreciate your work and will love to read your incoming articles too.


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