5 Trends Team Dealers Need To Watch and Tools to Help Meet Those Needs

Fall Sports Uniform

Decorate your full uniform with Transfer Express – uniform front, names, numbers, helmet stickers

In the July issue of Team Dealer magazine, the top 5 trends team dealers need to watch was listed:

  1. Rising Importance of Parents
  2. Rising Importance of Ecommerce
  3. Shorter Lead Times
  4. Growth in Stock Uniform Sales
  5. Spirit Pack Sales Soar

We have many tools to help you meet the needs these new trends create.

Our website becomes your website with our generic site you can use with parents—Easyprints.com. This site has no contact information and can be linked to your own site or used as an online reference for teams and their parents. So, even if you don’t have the budget for your own site, you can make the Easy Prints site your own. Include the site on your own business cards and literature with information on how to order.

Once your customer has used Easy Prints to choose a design, next day shipping is available for single color orders when ordered by 3 pm ET so you can offer your customers the shortest lead times possible. Once the custom transfer is printed, it can be applied to your in stock uniforms in just seconds so your customer is ready for today’s game.

To help with spirit sales we offer pages full of layouts and free online flyers that can be used as is or personalized for a specific team.

We also now offer 6″ 2 color numbers in 34 different color combinations.