9 New Fonts Added to Easy Prints

Get creative by using one of the 9 new fonts we have added to this year’s Easy Prints® font collection. With the addition of these 9, we offer 136 fonts to use on your custom transfers. All of these fonts have been added to Easy View®, our online design tool, free to all Transfer Express customers.

new fonts added to Easy View

9 fonts added in Easy View® to design custom transfers.

The 9 new fonts are Aleo, Static Bold, Nickainley Normal, Yarin Bold, Galaxy, Coffeehouse, Hoopla, Metal, and Rewind. Two of the new fonts are a script style – Nickainley Normal and Rewind. Script styles typically look best using a upper and lower letters.

Several of the new fonts are also offered by our sister company Stahls’, www.stahls.com, if you are combining cuttable materials with your screen printed transfer. These include Coffeehouse, Galaxy,  Hoopla, Metal and Rewind.

If you have any suggestions for new fonts, please email them to info@TransferExpress.com. When reviewing if we can add a font, we must check licensing, if it works at various sizes for screen printing and if it is programmable in Easy View. If it passes those three criteria, it might be an addition for 2018!