A Look At Sweatpant Graphic Placement

We shared last week a blog post “Leg Prints with Screen Printed Transfers” where we took a look at standard leg placements such as a vertical design going from the knee to the hip or the hip to the knee. While it is very common  for our customers to request this everyday look, we can do our part and offer them something different and unique to stand out.

Girl groups such as cheerleaders, volleyball teams, swimmers, and dance studios  would order shorts with a rear print but try this on sweatpants instead. Before you order, measure how much area you have to work with depending on the size of the pants. An application that is easy to apply, just make sure you raise the print area above the waist seam.Think outside of the box by using more than text. Clip art would work also or print on just one side of the rear.

Butt print

Wasted realty on most sweatpants is the waistband. On some sweatpants, it is possible to print on the band around the waist if you can get a flat surface. Again, measure this area before ordering. Simple designs and text work best for this area. Think outside of the box and print more than just your customers design here. You can use this real estate to print your company logo to get your brand into the public.


The back of the ankle is really thinking outside of the box but still an area that would get get noticed because it’s rarely seen. This area deserves big bold designs for people to see while walking or standing behind you. Your customers, and especially the younger customers will want something different and a design or placement that not a lot of other people do. Application wise, its the easiest of all 3 of the listed placements. This area lays flat nicely on a heat press if the pant leg does not have elastic at the bottom.

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