Customize Banners for Extra Sales

Looking for more sales and promotional ideas?  Banners offer an easy way to promote your company and a great item to sell to your customers!  One of the great features of banners is that you can promote and sell them to the same customers that you already sell your custom apparel items to.  You can even use banners to promote that you sell custom banners!

Baseball Banner Idea

Baseball Banner idea including Easy Prints layout QAL-256

Do you sell to sport leagues? Great, you can create their jerseys, other custom apparel items, and their game banners too!  How about to schools?  They can probably use some great customized banners for school dances and pep rallies.  To businesses?  That’s great too!  They can use these banners to promote specials that they are offering or maybe even to display a mission statement.  There are many great ways that you can sell and use these banners!

The ordering process is so easy!  There are even banner templates that you can use.  You can use our Easy Prints® layouts, or even upload your own artwork too!  Order your banners at

See below for more banner ideas!

Banners- Custom Apparel, Grand Opening, Soccer, Welcome Home Troops

The top banner uses one of the banner templates. The rest use a combination of Easy Prints and word placement.

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