Art Guidelines

When setting up your art, there are different guidelines for the different products.    Art time is included in your purchase of screen-printed transfers.   Art time is also included in the full color transfers, except the DTF UltraColor Max.    With all products we can accept the following file types, AI, .JPE, .JPEG, .JPG, .PDF, .PNG, .PSD, .SVG, .TIF, .TIFF

Screen printed transfers (Goof Proof and Elasti Prints)

With our screen-printed transfers including best seller, Goof Proof and Elasti Prints, art time is included in your transfer cost so we fixable areas will be corrected at no additional charge.   To deliver the best product try to get the best file available.   Web site art although usable, can be unclear.    It is also recommended but not required to send us the art file to size.   Please be sure to note anything you see on screen you would like us to fix.     We won’t change art files without your request.

Art for screen printed transfers, which is spot color, do not need to be provided in the desired color.   If your art is vector or you have created art in Easy View, your online design center, it is easy to select the needed colors as well as the planned apparel color so you will see what your design will look like once done.   If you do not have vector art, there are two options.    The first is to use the image editor and then select the colors for each desired color.   The second is to use color mapping, letting us know what ink color should be used for each color shown on screen.

For a quality screen print transfer, the two key concerns are line thickness, .012” and show thru thickness, .04” There are measurement tools built into Easy View to make sure your art meets these guidelines.   If they do not, let us know using order notes how we can help.   Some options are to thicken lines, make the design larger or to simplify the art.

With screen-printed transfers the DPI is not critical, and we will enhance the art as best possible for art provided in a low resolution.

Digital Transfers (UltraColor Max DTF and UltraColor Pro)

Digital transfers are printed in CMYK format, so for best color results please submit your art in CMYK as well.    We can use art in RGB format, but there will be color shade differences due to the color format.   You can also use the art and colors in Easy View.

For UltraColor Max, our DTF transfer, a minimum of .018-line thickness is needed, if your art does not meet this guideline they will show in the heat map proof.   They will print, but we are unable to put an adhesive in these areas so they may not be as durable.   We do offer an art service for a fee to fix any areas you request.

This art was provided under 150 DPI which created a poor quality print.

Although best results occur with art at a DPI of 300 or more, we will accept art with a DPI of 150.   Art less than 150 DPI would add a white jagged line, when the transfer is printed, and to assure you don’t get a substandard print.   Below compares a file at 150 vs 300 and you can see the difference.  DPI stands for dots per inch, and the higher the number, the better the image quality and detail.  At 300 DPI the printed transfer will appear sharp and detailed.   The online designer, Easy View, will note what DPI your file is in.


Art is 300 DPI and gives your customer the best print possible!

Our Hybrid full color transfer UltraColor Pro includes art time.   So please note anything you want us to fix.   The line thickness minimum is .014 for this product.

Need Help?

If you have a question about your artwork our customer service team is here to help.   Live chat or give us a call!

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