Avoiding Raised Obstructions with Print Perfect Pads

The perfect combination of time, temperature and pressure is needed when heat printing screen printed heat transfers with your heat press. Some heat presses, especially Hotronix® heat presses have electronic readouts to digitally tell the operator the parameters that the heat press is using with the time, temperature and pressure. Pressure especially is important to be able to push the ink into the fabric with the right pounds per square inch (psi).

With screen printed transfers, you want an even pressure over the entire print area to ensure proper adhesion of the ink and adhesive on the transfer paper. When there’s not even pressure over the entire print area, it may be noticeable right away, or you might not realize until after the garment has been washed. Heat printers see uneven pressure most often when working with apparel that has raised seams, buttons or zippers like on a polo sport shirt, or when working with zip-up hooded sweatshirts.

Placing a Print Perfect Pad under the garment raises the print area above the buttons and seams.

The best way to make sure you have even pressure over any raised obstructions on your apparel is to use a simple pad to elevate the print area above these obstructions. Print Perfect Pads are made specifically for this. Print Perfect Pads are made of a silicon material, just like the bottom platen pad of your heat press, making them firm enough for proper application, but also non-stick so excess ink or adhesive is easily cleaned away.

Close-up of Print Perfect Pads for Heat Printing

Print Perfect Pads are available in 3 different sizes from Transfer Express. A 5″x6″ pad, perfect for smaller designs like on a left chest on a polo shirt. A 8″x10″ for slightly larger designs when working with youth hoodies or bags. And a 3.5″x15″ elongated pad that is perfect for printing on sleeves or a long design going down the side of a zip-up sweatshirt.

3 Sizes of Print Perfect Pads for any heat application

To determine the size Print Perfect Pad that is right for your job, measure your print area on the blank apparel, and use the proper size pad that works around the obstructions. Be sure to order your transfer design in a size that will fit comfortably on the pad and not go past the edges of the pad.

Measure your print area to determine the right Print Perfect Pad for the job.

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