Organizing Your League Sponsor Transfer Orders

Using custom transfers can reduce the cost of printing the sponsors for your youth baseball and softball teams.

Custom transfers are sold by the sheet, so you can easily fit multiple teams on the same transfer sheet. The key to saving money is all in the organization of the team order.

transfer sheets for baseball team sponsors

Our sponsor transfer sheets make organizing and printing team sponsors easy.

Sort Your Baseball Team Order by Ink Color
First, go through your entire league and sort by the ink color that you need for each team. Group all the white ink teams together, black ink teams together, etc. To best economize these transfer gang sheets, you want everything you fit on the sheet to be the same color.

Decide on the Letter Height Needed
Depending on where the sponsor name will be placed and the size of most of your baseball and softball uniforms, you will need to make a choice on the letter height to be used. We have pre-made layouts that can make this a little easier.

Start Filling the Slots on the Custom Transfer Sheet
If you are using 2” tall letters, you will see there are 6 slots to fill on the custom transfer sheet. If you use a larger letter height, you will fit less on the sheet. If you use a smaller letter height, you will fit more on your custom transfer sheet.

Use Express Names™ for the Unique Ink Color
If you have just one team that needs orange, it may be more cost effective to use Express Name ordering. The minimum order using custom transfers is 6 sheets, which is $55.08. If you just have a team of 12 needing a sponsor in orange ink, the cost will only be 12 x $1.75 = $21 instead, by using Express Names.

Ask for Help
We are here to assist you with your league orders. If you are wondering how to best organize, we are your league sponsor experts.

Start designing your league orders in Easy View, the online transfer designer, now.