Big Sales for Basketball Season

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Apply a name and number to the back of a hoodie for personalized fanwear that matches the team!

Basketball season is underway and it’s time to start thinking about the sales opportunities ahead for your custom apparel business. With just your heat press, you can create custom apparel for every aspect of the game. Aside from the standard t shirt, there are many other printable items used at games, pep rallies, tournaments and fundraisers.

Rally towels are popular at basketball games as fans wave them to cheer for a 3 point shot or use them as a distraction for the opposing team during foul shots. These small towels are able to be placed on your heat press and decorated using a screen printed transfer.

Apply screen printed transfers to a rally towel in just 4 seconds!

Apply screen printed transfers to a rally towel in just 4 seconds!

Hooded sweatshirts are perfect fanwear for this winter sport. They can be decorated in many different ways. Think about personalizing them with a name and number of their favorite player on the back.

Create a replica hoodie instead of a replica jersey!

Create a replica hoodie instead of a replica jersey!


With practices started, it’s the perfect time to plan for the basketball tournaments, fundraisers and alumni games that will occur later in the season. Start talking with the athletic director to get an idea of the other events that could make for extra sales. Offer to make some sample designs using the Easy View™ design previewer.  You can even bring your heat press along to the games to personalize apparel and make the shirts on the spot. This also saves on inventory of preprinted apparel. Take boxes of blank shirts and a few designs and only print what sells.

Take the opportunity and think outside of the box. What custom apparel items can you offer to your local school’s basketball program? Here’s a list to help you get started thinking!




Pep Rallies





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