Heat Printing Moves to the Kitchen

This week we will share heat printing ideas that will make a perfect hostess gift, or a gift for the chef in your house! All of these items were found at a dollar store. We then added some bling and customization and these could easily sell for $5 each, giving you a large profit!

Heat printed kitchen items for Christmas gifts

Heat print kitchen items using stock and rhinestone transfers and Express names for extra personalization. Shown are Christmas Transfers HOL-62 (Santa), HOL-65 (tree) and the rhinestone snowflake transfer RS-66.

The first item we heat printed was an apron. On this item we used one of our stock Christmas Extreme transfers and an Express Name™. We put Merry Christmas, but you could have easily added Mary’s Kitchen, Mom’s House, Chef Grandma or any personalization.

We also used our stock Christmas Extreme transfer on placemats. Use one of the multi-packs and each placemat can be different. Add the name of the person that will be sitting there for a special touch.

We then used the new rhinestone snowflake transfers to decorate an oven mitt, dish towel and pot holder. Rhinestone transfers can be applied to any item cotton, polyester or cotton/poly blends.

Again, we used Express Names for a more personal touch. We then put all of the items in a small basket and put a bow on it.

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