Breaking Apart Clip Art in Easy View

Have you wanted to use only part of one of our clip arts? Or maybe break it down to add a certain color to one part of the art? This is easy to do!

In Easy View, select the clip art and add to the art board (this is clip art x9a-61)

custom transfer clip art

Pick a clip art to start with.

Rope the image (use the left click on your mouse and bring it around the image)

select the clip art

Select the clip art by dragging your mouse cursor over the object.

Under the object tab, select ungroup

Un Group button

Un group the clip art by choosing Un Group in the Object drop down menu.

Remove what is not needed, here we removed one bottle

part of a clip art

Delete the part of the clip art you don’t want to use.

Repeat process (rope, ungroup) to add colors to specific places

color the clip art as needed

Add color to individual pieces of the clip art. Un group the clip art as necessary.

Some clip art allows more break down than others so just use the tool to get what is needed. We will also be working to improve this feature for all clip art.

Here is an example where we used only the antlers from clip art X2D-22

using clip art pieces with other art

Use the clip art pieces you have un grouped and add them to other pieces of art to create a custom design.

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