“Do You Want Caps With Your Order?” Suggestive Selling Works!

There is a reason why fast food restaurants ask their customers the question “Do you want fries with your order?” Because it really works! The same is true in the T-shirt business if you make the effort to ask your regular garment customers “Do you need caps with your order?” Just maybe they will say yes since many of these customers have a need for custom printed caps! And if you don’t offer custom printed headwear, maybe it’s time you should! Here’s how to get started:

Stahls’ Transfer Express offers two cap press models; the Hotronix® Auto Cap that is a top of the line cap press that sells for $800.00 and features a pressure read out, auto release, and digital time and temperature controls. Our second model is The MAXX™ CAP press that is a great starter press that sells for $650.00 and has a digital time and temperature read out, over the center pressure adjustment and is a great economical way to get started in customizing headwear! Both cap presses accept 4 different interchangeable lower cap platens that allow for decorating a wide variety of cap styles and crown heights. (Extra Cap platens sell for $55.00 each)

cap heat presses with platens

Our 2 cap heat press models with extra platens.

Choosing the Right Cap Transfer
Depending on the cap fabric type, our standard Goof Proof® or Hot Split transfers work great for heat printing caps. If you’re decorating caps made with heat sensitive fabrics, then our Elasti Prints® transfers are another great option for you since the application temperature is 275ºF.

How to Purchase Cap Transfers
If you’re already buying full size heat transfers from Transfer Express, you can use our online Easy View® designer and adjust the size of your full size transfer and add a smaller cap size transfer to the same sheet saving you money! Or you can create a gang sheet in Easy View® with your cap design and purchase full sheets with up to 8 cap sized transfers per sheet, making a one color cap transfer as low as $0.23 cents per transfer when you order 50 sheets!

gang sheet with cap transfers

Fit 8 cap transfers onto a sheet!

Suggestive selling and offering custom printed headwear is a great way to increase your sales and profits!

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