Can I Email My Artwork?

When you want to order custom transfers, you may ask, why can’t I just email you my artwork? Here are the 4 reasons we ask you to please visit and select the “Send us your artwork” button.

web site navigation

Click on the “Send Us Your Artwork” button in the navigation to upload your art.

1. To quote and help you choose the best product, we need some basic information. Often via email you may forget to give us one of these variables. By going through our online quote area, we can gather all the information we need to help you in one call. This information is needed for each file you send us.

uploaded artwork information

When uploading artwork, enter as much as the information as possible for a quote.

2. Your art is analyzed! Our online area sends your art through an art analyzer so we can make the best recommendation.

3. Everything is saved in one place. Both you and we can access all of the needed information when your customer decides to go ahead with the order.

your uploaded artwork area

When you are logged in, you can see all the artwork you uploaded along with the status of each.

4. It is safer. Our online area has all the needed virus controls to protect both you and us!