Choosing Your Business Name

Your business has grown from a hobby to a business.   It is time to come up with a business name.    This is an often rushed, overlooked step but is key to reflecting your identity and goals.

Tell them what you do

By looking at a name your potential customer should be able to tell what you offer and a little bit about you.  Take Transfer Express, for example.    We are letting you know we manufacture transfers quickly!  (if you are not in the industry we have been confused with a trucking company but potential customers do know what we do) Here are a couple our customer’s came up with.   Frisco Designs is located in San Francisco and prints designs, short and sweet.   Stitches R Us Inc. was looking for another word for embroidery, their specialty.   They are surprised how many others use the name but since all others are in other states it is ok!

Keep it Simple

If a customer can’t spell it, they may not be able to find you.       We have had other customers use a unique spelling to get a domain name.     Game Time Graphix specializes in sports apparel, Graphics wasn’t available but by using the X they got the needed domain name.   A prime example that some rules are made to be broken.   Game Time kept the simplicity needed but Grahix gave them the domain name.

Be Memorable

Find that balance between unique and creative.   At the end of they day you want your customer to remember who they bought the apparel from so that they come back for more.  One of our customer’s is Bulldog Custom Tees.   The owner is a former Marine, and the bulldog is the Marine mascot.  He wanted his name to stand for his years of service to the Marine Corp.

Here are more stories behind our customer’s names:

MadisonPaige Creations was one customer’s oldest daughter’s name.    She lost her battle to leukemia, but the business owner used it as a way to remember her using purple as the color since it was her favorite color and the butterfly as the company symbol.

Running Around Screen Printing & Embroidery was originally a home business so she felt she was always running around to meet customers at the coffee shop or after a sports practice.     She kept the name when she got a storefront and now the customers “run’ to her!

BuffedWear’s owner was a competitive body builder, so the name was built upon that hobby.

2 Down Apparel Company specializes in motorcycle apparel.   There is a hand sign used between bikers used when they pass each other called the 2 Down Wave.    It signifies respect and well wishes of safety keeping two wheels down.   The tradition began after WWII when servicemembers returned from the war, and many bought motorcycles.   They would flash a V for victory

The Old Rooster Shirt Company incorporated their youngest son’s nickname, Rooster.    They love the nostalgic feel of the name and logo.

What is your company name and how did you get it?

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