Create a Custom Banner in Easy View

Did you know you can use our over 12,000 layout and clip art choices to create a custom banner? Our custom banners are available in any size up to maximum of 4 ft. x 8 ft. The full color banners are available in either a luster or glossy finish. All banners come with four tabs so there is no need for grommets. The tabs blend in with the banner and are super strong.

Creating Your Banner Art

The easiest way to start is to add a rectangle to your screen, x19a-91 is the one I used below. Be sure you have changed the right tool bar choices to Non-Apparel, banner so that the design screen is not limited by the 11.25 x 14 transfer sheet size.

You can make the custom banner any color or use white.   You can add layouts, text, photos or any other art that will be needed. On the banner shown below I used Easy Prints layout MAS-73 for the St. Mary’s Knights logo. I then used the add text, add multi line text to add the player’s names to each side. Finally I used the Add Your Artwork button and added the team photo.

Banner Size

The custom banner size is shown in the left tool bar. You can adjust the size to any needed up to the maximum size. The banner I created was 36” wide x 24.8” tall.

Banner Colors

You can use any of our stock colors for your banner color, or any pantone color. To use a pantone color that is not one of our stock colors, simply enter the desired pantone number in the color choice.   Please remember that on screen colors are not accurate, and that you should be using one of our color selectors or a pantone color chart when making color choices


When you are ready to order enter the quantity needed, and add to cart and submit. Your completed banner will ship in just 2 working days when ordered by 3:00 pm EST.

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