Sign Language Clip Art Lends a Hand to Your Designs

We love creating artwork for Easy Prints® that expands our customers design offerings. That’s why adding new Sign Language clip art makes us so exited. We’ve seen so many cool t-shirt designs incorporating American Sign Language. Now our customers can create them in Easy View®!

A lot of t-shirt designs using sign language spell out words with the individual letters. So we added the entire alphabet. Spell out anything you’d like for ASL Clubs, events, or any message you’d like to spell out!

American Sign Language Clip Art

I love you is always a sweet sentiment, so we’ve added an updated version of the now universal hand sign.

American Sign Language Clip Art

You can incorporate these into any of our thousands of Easy Prints layouts, like QAL-569 or QAL-494. It’s quick and easy to customize any layout. If you are feeling extra creative, build your own design from scratch. Here are some tips to help you create the best design possible using Easy View.

American Sign Language t-shirt design       American Sign Language t-shirt design

We are always open to feedback and suggestions as to what kind of artwork our customers need in Easy View so please let us know via social media or email!


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