Create Stock Art in the Easy View Designer

How to create stock clip art in Easy View

The first row shows how to turn clip art X15H-127 into the custom helmet that will be used on the mascots. The below images shows what a few mascot clip art options look customized with the helmet.

Do you customize Easy Prints clip art for your apparel designs or use the Easy Prints clip art that’s already created? Both are great options when using the Easy View designer!

As a way to add extra customization, we’ll show you how to make changes to your clip art for a sport or create a template for multiple sports or events using the Easy View designer. This is a more advanced skill for when you are more comfortable using the designer. The example above shows how easy it is to add a helmet to a school’s mascot, customizing the mascot for a sports season. The trick to creating this type of artwork is to start with a helmet clip art that already has a face in it. See the image below.

Use clip art with an object to replace

This is how the clip art with helmets should be created. Use a clip art that has a face, ungroup the face from the helmet, and put the helmet over-top of the new clip art

Below are several mascot clip art customized with the helmet clip art on top of them. Each mascot has been customized even further by adding the school colors. You can save each individual clip art on their own transfer sheet or save them all to the same sheet and just delete the ones that you do not need when you are ready to use them.

When you are ready to add the clip art that you have created to a layout you are working on; choose “Add Layout” and add the clip art that you have created. It will be in the “My Library” tab. This is where all of your saved art goes when created in the designer.

Create Stock Mascot Clip Art

Save an artboard with mascot clip art that you commonly use. This will make it easier to access later by simply adding it from “My Library” when you need it.

Another option when using the Easy View designer is to create your own templates for future orders. If you sell to a lot of sports, you can create a layout, much like the one shown below. The left design is a great general layout where you can simply fill in the information that you need. The right design shows what the template could look like if it is customized specifically for a school, using the school’s colors. Like the clip art above, you can save each sport individually or on the same transfer sheet, simply deleting the ones that you do not need and resaving the design under a different name to ensure that you do not erase the original layout.

Create transfer templates in the Easy View designer

Create custom templates for future orders. This is a great way to prepare for customer orders in advance and show customers what you can create for them.

Another idea that could branch off of this is to order the minimum amount allowed when using Easy View, 5 screen printed transfer sheets. Cut the different layouts from the transfer sheet and heat apply these designs to mini t-shirts. This gives you something to present to your customers that they can actually see and feel, helping them with their decision to purchase. Just choose common sport colors and make the words “school’s name” or possibly “sport mascot.” This will make it so you can present the visual samples to any school or organization.

The save feature is a valuable resource that is useful when creating custom designs. It’s a great way to plan ahead and be prepared for custom orders! It also saves you the costs of using custom artwork outside of Easy View. Next time that you need custom clip art or templates, consider making your own and saving it in our online design tool!

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