Heat Printing Digi Camo

A shirt that is becoming increasingly popular is the digi camo shirts. When heat printing on digi camo shirts, the secret to success is to test first. We have a possible solution – our Elasti PrintsĀ® with a black blacking. With the Elasti Prints, you will need to add a black backing that will be a visible black outline on your shirt. So if you want to use white Elasti Prints and are using Easy View, be sure to add the black outline and add in notes to back in black. The white will remain white or you can use other colors as the foreground too – grey, gold, etc. Any dark color will work on its own. The Elasti Prints Avalon number style is available in white with a black outline.

digi camo with transfers

Pictured on the left is digi camo with Elasti Prints transfers.


Just give us a call to get samples to test prior to ordering.



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