Create Words With Clip Art

A fun trend is creating words using clip art.     With Easy View, our free online designer,  even the non-artist can do this with just a little bit of creativity.

Finding the clip art

To start, search our Easy Prints clip art collection to find the “tools of the trade” in Easy View, our online designer.   For example, for baseball it may be bases, balls and bats that all can be used to create letters.    If just a part of the clip art will work, for example one bat instead of crossed bats, you can use the ungroup tool found under the object.  Any of the clip art can be moved horizontally or vertically to position in place to create a letter.

Building the Word

When creating the clip art word, build the word in portions so that you can insert the letter you created with the clip art.   For example, if spelling out HOOPS with two basketballs in place of the letter o.

  1. Add Text H
  2. Next, add basketball clip art
  3. Using Object, Duplicate add the second basketball
  4. Move both basketballs in place next to the H
  5. Add Text PS
  6. Position Next to H and the two basketballs
  7. Finally, align tool to be sure the bottom is even

If you need help, email with any question and we can jump in and assist.  Happy creating!

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