Creating A Point Of Purchase T-Shirt Display

We have all went to the store for one thing and saw something else and purchased it too. This action is often helped along by a point of purchase display.   A point of purchase display is a marketing tool where you create a display to entice a purchase

Point of purchase displays are the most underutilized tool in retail. They can be as simple as adding a sign or as an elaborate as a full display.   Holidays are a great time to set up your own point of purchase display to get additional sales.

Here is how to create your own Point of Purchase T-shirt Display

  1. Choose your t-shirt designs.    What will sell in your area?   Use the Easy View design center and create 2-5 unique designs. Easy View is set up in categories to help get you started.   Or use Pinterest to inspire you.  All of the designs on our t-shirts were created in Easy View.

  1. Choose your t-shirt colors.   For Valentine’s Day we stuck with red, pink and purple colors.   For St. Patrick’s Day you will use a green theme.  Or use your local school colors for a spirt wear display
  2. Add some extras to bring attention to your display.   This display was created with a $10 trip to our local dollar store. These stores are great shopping places to add that extra touch. And they do a great job of setting up their own point of purchase display so everything is together in one area of their store
  3. Add height. We found some crates and filled rolled versions of the shirt to give height and add color.   The balloons also helped with the height.

For very little money and  creativity, you can create your own profit generating t-shirt display!

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Can’t thank you enough for all you do:)

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