Creating Multi-Colored Transfer Designs with Easy View

The new Easy View® designer has made it so easy to create custom designs and to make those designs the colors that you need them to be. Check out the above video to get a quick tutorial on how to change the colors in your design. The video even goes as far as to break apart the pieces inside of a clip art and add different ink colors to the various sections of the clip art.

The first step when changing the ink colors in you custom design is to determine whether you would like to change the colors of the full design or just a part of the design. If changing the full design, simply click on any spot in the art board. If you are creating a one colored design, choose the color that you would like to replace black with. If you are creating a two colored design, change the see-through area as well.

Changing ink colors in the full transfer design

Go to ‘Customize Layout’ on the left-hand side of the screen to change the colors in your design. Left image: black and see-through – Right Image: gold replaces black and purple replaces see-through

When changing individual parts of the design, simply select the section that you would like to change the color of, and change the color in the ‘Customize Layout’ section on the left-hand side of the page. If you would like to change individual pieces in a clip art, select the clip art and use the ‘Un Group’ option under ‘Object’ at the top-center of the page.

Un Group pieces of clip art

Choose ‘Un Group’ under ‘Object’ to edit individual pieces in the clip art

This will make it so you can change individual pieces of the clip art. In the image below, the un grouped clip art has several different colors. The un grouping option allows you to make the Viking’s hair a different color than his face, horns, and helmet.

Grouped and Un Grouped Clip Art

Easy View makes it so easy to create your own custom designs for screen printed and digital transfers! Keep checking back throughout the month for more blog posts providing tips on using the Easy View designer, and keep an eye on the video section of our website for recently uploaded Easy View video tutorials!

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