Gang Sheets Are Easy With Easy View

If you’ve ever worked with us at Transfer Express before, then you know about gang sheets. If you haven’t, a gang sheet happens when we take multiple designs and put them all together on the same sheet of paper. This will generally save you a pretty decent chunk of change, because those different designs would have been all separate orders if you didn’t “gang” them.

So to steal a phrase from a famous television personality, gang sheets are a good thing! And since they’re such a “good thing” we’ve made them even easier to set up. Using our new Easy View® online designer, you can actually set up your own gang sheets. Yup… you read that correctly. Not only does our new Easy View allow you interact with artwork more closely than ever before, but now you can lay out your whole sheet of transfer paper. Remember, you’re not paying any extra when you do gang sheets.

Easy View gang sheet

That’s 7 different images all ganged together on one sheet of paper, maximizing the bang for your buck!

The above example we’ve not only done full fronts for Mentor’s baseball team, but we’ve done a print for the arm or leg, we added a cardinal head and a baseball with years that can both be used for left chests or hats, and then with the extra space left over we added two MENTOR CARDINALS that can also be used for hats and heart, but also rally towels or mouse pads or other small items. And since I had a little extra space, I added a small MHS PHYS. ED. print so I can show Mentor High School what else I can offer them! Since I’m not paying any extra for the gang sheet, it doesn’t cost me anything to throw this little print on there. And I can easily press it on the leg of a pair of shorts and show them what I can do.

So let’s stop and review what all of this means and throw a few tips your way:

· You don’t pay any extra for gang sheets – we now charge you by the sheet, so it doesn’t matter if you have one design or twenty on that sheet!

· The more designs you fit per sheet, the more money you save.

· Pricing is still driven by number of colors. So make sure all the designs you’re putting together are utilizing the same colors

· Remember that you have to have space to cut! We recommend leaving a space of .5” between images to properly cut them without problem

· Think outside the box! It’s not costing you any extra to put this gang sheet together. So if you have some extra space, consider adding an image for a local business or school in order to show them what you can make for them for a low cost advertising opportunity!

· Using our new Easy View system, “Image Qty” refers to how many pieces you need of the image you’ve constructed. So in my example, I am ordering 25 sheets, which gives me 50 of my small MENTOR CARDINALS design, plus 25 of every other design.

One color gang sheet

Even if the two images are totally unrelated, you might be able to take care of two of your customers with only one order!

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Not easy order friendly at all ..i am so confused when I try to order on this site…maybe one day…

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Hi Chris we can walk you through it It is easy just different since it is custom. Start in the design center. Use one of the add buttons to add text, a layout or your own art. Now size it on the artboard. The size in inches appears on the left Now add a second item repeating the steps and filling in any empty screen space within the dotted lines. Click an add button, and size. Once your sheet is set up. On the right tell us how many of that sheet you need. The quote appears on the bottom left. Look good, add to cart and submit your order


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