Creating Name Event Shirts Can Be Big Money Maker

If you are doing any type of event such a sports tournament, gymnastics or track meet, or dancing, skating, or baton twirling competition, you may be leaving money on the table if you are not offering a shirt with all the participant’s names on it.

For Philip Daly, Proprintwear, East Setauket, N.Y., this type of shirt is always a best seller. Proprintwear travels the country setting up at national and regional fencing tournaments, where he is often the official supplier.

Prior to the event, organizers send Proprintwear the list of entrants, which he then inputs into a document. He has learned that he can get 1,500 names onto an 11.25″ x 14″ transfer. If the event has more than 1,500 names, he will either split the list into two parts or sometimes even three. In all situations, any entrant can buy an event t-shirt with his or her name on the back.

This 11-by-14-inch transfer will fit on a shirt on any size from youth small and up. He credits his ability to do this highly detailed type of design on the continually improving quality of Transfer Express transfers. “The ability to put name transfers on shirts has improved by 300%,” he says.

As an add-on sale, Proprintwear plans on offering customers the opportunity to have a gold star added to their name so it stands out on the list by stocking the stars made out of precut heat press transfer films.

Customers can choose from more than 250 stocked designs of various sizes, and the process starts with one design, but it does not end there. Customers may add as many additional designs as space allows thus creating a one-of-a-kind garment of their liking.

Proprintwear has labeled this market technique as Add-A-Print. The basic shirt retails for $19.95 while charging an additional $10 for each Add-A-Print.  Furthering customer satisfaction, Proprintwear imprints these designs wherever the customer desires.

Often he’ll have these shirts on display not only in his booth, but also at registration and where participants check their equipment so they get maximum exposure.

Participant Names on Event Shirt

An event shirt with all the participants’ names