Cruisin’ for New Car Show T-shirt Designs

Are you ready for car show season? We are! Of course, for us here in Cleveland, that means it’s summer but that’s beside the point…! Since car and truck shows are a great market for apparel, we want to provide our dealers with art options. So we created two new car show t-shirt designs available in Easy View online designer.

First, we have a classic layout that would be perfect for any community car show. We kept it simple with a few special touches so it would work for a variety of groups.

Car Show T-shirt Designs

Second, we created a fun Rockabilly themed car show t-shirt design. You can use this layout not only for car shows, but also for dances, festivals, and more!

To compliment our new car show t-shirt designs, we’ve added two new classic cars into Easy View, courtesy of Great Dane Graphics. Be sure to check out their large collection of production ready artwork for screen printing, digital printing, and vinyl cutting.

Car Show T-shirt Designs

To go with our new classic cars, we’ve also added some car inspired artwork. From a classic pinstripe to flames, you can add a custom car look to any design.

Car Show T-shirt Designs

And finally, what goes with classic cars? Rock and roll! So we created a couple of rockabilly dancers to jitterbug along with our cars.

Car Show T-shirt Designs

Looking to get into the car show market? Ted Stahl has some great ideas on his blog for you. And if you want even more car show t-shirt designs to choose from, we added four new ones just this past fall. Get started today!



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