Custom Football T-Shirt for Every Team Member

Personalization sells!   A custom t-shirt using a best-selling football layout can be easily and inexpensively customized with each player’s number to make it unique for everyone.    All you need is a custom transfer, 1” numbers and a heat press.

Order your transfer

The football layout is QFB-207.   You can see how in Easy View, the Transfer Express online designer, we changed COMPTON to RIVERSIDE and EAGLES to BEAVER.   We deleted the number on the player’s shirt since we will put each player’s number on their own shirt in a later step. We left the size standard adult 11 x 11. Use Goof Proof ink formula, for a fast, easy application.

 Fill the sheet

Since we had some free printing space on our 11.25 x 14 sheet we added MOM, DAD, SISTER and BROTHER.   Once the transfer arrives we will cut these off and use as needed under the football

Add the 1″ Numbers to Your Order

Express Names were ordered at the 1” size in the color our player’s will wear.   We entered 012345678   Each set of numbers is $1.40 or about .15 per digit. Be sure to order a pack of cover sheets ($3)

Apply the Transfer

When your transfer and numbers arrive, apply your custom transfer in just 4 seconds. Peel off the release paper

Position and Apply The Number

From your number set, peel off the digits of the player’s shirt you are heat printing.   Position on the player’s jersey on the transfer.

Add Mom, Dad, Brother or Sister

If for the player you are ready to press, for MOM, DAD, BROTHER or SISTER; position the name strip under the word FOOTBALL

Cover and Press

Cover the entire print with a cover sheet and press for 365 for 4 seconds. PEEL WARM.   Since this is an ink on ink application, the adjustment in the peel of the release paper is needed.

It’s as easy as that!   Each player will be thrilled to wear a custom t-shirt with his football number on the player in print