Custom Heat Transfers Go to the Beach

In this week’s ideas for holiday gift giving, we make some items we can all use. If you are in warm weather, the gift will be an instant hit. For those of us in the colder climates, it will make the gift recipient think of the days to come or have them ready for a needed vacation at their favorite resort.

Heat printed gifts for the beach

Beach basket created with screen printed transfer layout QRT-19 from Transfer Express

The first item we printed was the beach bag. In a previous blog we showed you how to raise the print area only of this type of bag so that the straps do not create a pressure problem with your transfer application. All you need is a foam mouse pad, cut to a size to slide into the pocket, raising the print area only.

The same transfer was used on our koozie. Koozies are polyester so any of our transfer types will work and you can see how this Goof Proof® transfer is front and center of your cold drink. Include your favorite beverage in the koozie for an extra treat!

Next, we used our full size image from our gang sheet (a sheet with more than one image, in this case it included a full size 11” print and a couple of smaller 3” prints). We applied this to a promotional beach towel using the standard application instructions.

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