3 Tips For Transfer Success

In reality we could probably produce 20 or more “Tips For Transfer Success”. But there are a few tips that are pretty commonly known. So we thought that maybe we’d cut right to the chase and talk about three tips that seem to be less well known.  After all,  having a good, quality heat press is a big part of success – that’s pretty well known. Another big part of success is choosing the right type of transfer for the job… but our Dealer Services reps will guide you through that process. So that’s pretty well known too.

So, “What are some of the lesser known tips for success?” We’re glad you asked!

#1 – Extra pieces

Since we know that sometimes things can go wrong, we include at least 1 extra sheet in every screen printed transfer order. We suggest that you take that extra piece, press it, and then before you move forward with pressing… stop and look it over. Make sure everything turned out the way you want. This way if there IS a problem it can fixed before any other garments are ruined.


#2 – Non-Stick Pillows

This is, perhaps, one of the most common mistakes that are made. You should never use a pillow during the application of Transfer Express products! Our products require three things from your heat press: time, temperature, and pressure. Those are the three things that make a transfer do it’s magic. A pillow is soft and squishy and actually absorbs some of the pressure your heat press creates. This means your transfer doesn’t get the proper amount of pressure and could be under applied. If you need to raise your surface area, use something firm like a mouse pad or Print Perfect Pad.

Print Perfect Pad

The foam of the Print Perfect Pad is firm enough to raise your surface area without losing the pressure your press generates.

#3 – Printed / Non-Printed Guidelines

It’s our goal at Transfer Express to be your Graphic Designer for you. That’s why we have SO many designs in our Easy Prints® layout collection. But for those of you that are Graphic Designers yourselves, you have the ability to create your own artwork and may do so for your customers. When creating screen printed artwork there are two guidelines that you need to keep in mind. The minimum thickness for any printed line is .012” thick (or .025” for our Glitter product). This means that every line needs to be at least that thick or it will not even burn into a screen for printing. Also, every non-printed (aka: “show thru”) area needs to be at least .04” thick. When ink is heated up in a heat press, it expands. Through continuous testing we know that if you make a non-printed area less than .04” thick, we cannot promise that it will remain show through. When the ink expands it could close up on itself. So make sure to keep a close eye on those line thicknesses if creating your own artwork!

Screen Printed Art Guidelines

These printing guidelines are in place to ensure your image prints the way you and your customer need it to.

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