Custom Plastisol Transfers for Fundraisers

Even though the winter is not the peak season for fundraisers, many organizations still hold events to raise money for their cause. To assist our Dealers in creating custom designs for their customer’s fundraisers we have added several clip art to make ordering these designs fast and easy. Over the past year we have added stock Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbons, as well as the clip art that can be added to any Easy Prints® layout. Also added for the 2010 year is a puzzle piece clip art that can be used for Autism Awareness t shirts.

Transfer Express® also carries several other organization clip art for use in Easy Prints® layouts, however are not shown in the Idea Book™ or online. Since these logos are copyrighted by each specific organization, when ordering, our Dealers need a statement of permission to print the logo. Permission can be faxed to our Dealer Services Department at 800-833-3877 when ordering.

The most current earthquake in Haiti has caused an outpouring of generosity across the United States. Thousands of groups are holding fundraisers to raise money to donate to the victims and t shirts are a great way to show support. Easy Prints® layouts can be easily customized with text and clip art to coincide with the Haitian Relief efforts.

Examples of clip art that can be used to support the Haitian Relief efforts include:

  • Haiti country outline (x17a-25)
  • Hands
  • Circle of people
  • Hearts
  • Doves
  • Peace Signs

And use text such as:

  • Help Heal Haiti
  • Save Haiti
  • Hope for Haiti
  • Unity is Strength (Haiti Motto)
Clip art for custom transfers

Clip art for custom transfers