Creating Custom T-shirt Designs for Mardi Gras!

Capture the essence of the Mardi Gras celebration by creating colorful garments using Easy Prints® layouts and clip arts. Within the collection of Easy Prints® layouts there are hundreds that can be transformed with colors, clip arts, and text for Mardi Gras festivals and events around the country.


  • Use fun text such as: Adelaide, Curlz, Chalk, Homeward Bound, Slam & Spirit
  • Brighten up the print with colors such as Turquoise, Purple, & Metallic Gold
  • Incorporate clip arts that are symbols for the festivities.

Mask – x5d-23

Beads – x17a-686

Fleur de Leis- x6l-31, x17a-729

Confetti – x17b-22

Music – saxophones, music notes, etc. (several options on page 72 of the 2010 Idea Book)

Below are several examples of what can be done to customize Easy Prints® layouts out of the Idea Book™ and online at Once you have your design customized, call our Dealer Services Department to place your custom screen printed transfer order. Your one color order will ship the next business day and your 2 color design will ship in 2 days! Just in time for the Mardi Gras celebrations!

Mardi Gras T-shirt Designs

Mardi Gras T-shirt Designs