Custom Printed Masks-The New T-Shirt

Our country is reopening and as a result, the need for masks when venturing out in public is great.

Use space on these masks to unite us again! Custom print the mask with transfers and a heat press to support a company, event, school or team. Or just have some fun with the space to add some personality.



Mask Print Size

Where you will be placing the print is one determination of the size.

Your custom print can be off to the side or centered on the mask. Prints on the side area should be about  1 x 3 inches, on the  front area about 2.5-3 x 4 inches depending on how the mask was sewn.

If the mask you are heat printing has pleats you may want to only print on one of the pleats limiting your size to 1 x 3 inches.


Choosing A Transfer

Like all heat printing, the best transfer choice depends on the mask material.

If your mask is 50/50 or 100% cotton, all transfer types will work. For 100% polyester masks, stay with the low temperature transfers – Elasti Prints® for 1-3 color printing or UltraColor for full color printing.

Our digital CAD-PRINTZ® transfers are not recommended for mask printing. The printed vinyl does not permit the same amount of breathability as other transfer types.



Creating Your Mask Design

As a Transfer Express customer, you have free access to our design center, Easy View®. This is a great place to find and create art that you can put on your masks.

With the small size needed for custom printed masks, you can fit a lot on a gang sheet. Buy Screen printed transfers by the 11.25″ x 14″ sheet, and full color transfers by the 11.5″ x 18″ sheet.

You can fill the space with multiple of the same art or all different designs.

The design center has 10,000 clip art choices or use one of our 7,000 ready to customize layouts. We are all artists with Easy View, it is that easy.



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Jacy Brown Racine

Hello I recently ordered tshirt prints and needing more. Also interested in prints for face masks

Dealer Services

Hi Jacy,
Please contact our customer service to get your transfers reordered and to place a new order for the face mask prints. Thanks!

Dealer Services

Hi Alma,
Stahls’ carries both economy and premium face coverings/masks:


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