New Fitness Layouts to Customize in Easy View®

One of the many ways we are trying to return back to a normal life is by fitness and exercising. Whether continuing with online classes or fitness centers reopening, one of the first things people are looking to do is to return to their favorite local fitness activities.

We’re helping you support your local gyms for the return to fitness inside or outside the home by adding new Easy Prints® layouts to the Easy View® Online Designer. These design layouts allow you to customize the design any way you want to make your heat transfers unique for your local gyms apparel.

“I Don’t Stop When I’m Tired, I Stop When I’m Done” is an all too common phrase in the fitness world and you can customize it for your local fitness group or gym and apply to everything from tank tops to t-shirts to tote bags. If you’d like to customize this design and order your heat transfers, simply head to Easy View Online Designer and search for layout QMS-189 or find it in the Sports Recreation category.

Our artists also added another fun design for fitness enthusiasts with the “Look Like a Beauty, Train Like a Beast” design layout QMS-190. While this design is perfect for female athletes, it can be customized with other fitness clip art made for anyone. Search our clip art collection which includes thousands of options to customize these design layouts to make them perfect for your customers.

Browse more fitness layouts and sign up with Easy View® to start customizing for your heat transfers. Then head over to our site to start your 30-day free trial. Choose any of the layouts or the new one above and start customizing.

Once you’re done, order the heat transfers from Transfer Express and heat print them onto your blank apparel!

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