Custom Shirts for Field Day

As the kids get restless for summer, most schools will have a field day, an outside all day event to blow off a little steam with fun games. Approach schools now for a chance to do the custom printing for these events. A good place to start is the physical education teacher who often organizes the event and will be glad to have this part of the planning off their plate.

With Field Day shirts, typically the entire school gets the same print placed on different color shirts signifying the grade and/or class they are in. To start your order, either assign or have each class or grade choose a shirt color. This may be your only pistachio shirt order of the year! Make up order forms showing the custom design you created in Easy View™. Include sizes and what payment method works for you and the school. Are checks being made out to the school or you as a supplier? Be sure to include a deadline date. Tip: make this day a couple of days before the date you really have to have the sizes for those “I forgot to send it” customers!

Now add up the totals and order the prints. You can order the prints in all white or all black or a combo of the two to get the best quantity price break on the order. Your custom 1 color plastisol transfer will ship the same day when ordered by 11 AM EST!

field day shirts

Browse our selection of layouts to create a customized field day shirt.

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