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Easy Prints Pinterest Page

Easy Prints Pinterest Page

Looking for a new way to connect with your customers?  Pinterest is a great way to show your customers the many decorated apparel products that we have to offer!  You can direct them to our Easy Prints® page, or repin our pins to your own page!

New to Pinterest?  Not a problem!  You don’t even need to have your own Pinterest page; you can direct your customers straight to our Easy Prints page!  By using the Easy Prints page you can show your customers the products that we have to offer without linking your business to our company.  If you would like to direct your customers to the Easy Prints Pinterest page all you have to do is click here!

Creating your own Pinterest page is a great way to tie the products directly to your company, you can repin (share) our products so that your customers link the products straight to your company.  If you would like to create a Pinterest page for your company, just follow these easy steps!

  1. Create a Pinterest account for your company here
  2. Visit the Easy Prints Pinterest page (while logged in)
  3. Click on the image that you would like to repin to your own Pinterest page
  4. Run your cursor over the image so that a ‘Repin’ button appears in the upper left-hand corner of the image
  5. Press the ‘Repin’  button
  6. A screen with the image will pop up – on this screen you can choose which board you would like to pin the image to (you will need to  create a new board for your first pin)
  7. On this same screen it will give you the option to modify the image description as well, this is right below the option to choose a pinning board
  8. Check your Pinterest page to verify that the image was repined
  9. Repin as many images as you would like to your own Pinterest page!

You should now have a little more of an understanding of how Pinterest works but here’s some terminology to help you better understand how Pinterest works.

Board = Category

Pin = Status/Content

Repin = Sharing

Like = Like

Comment = Comment


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