Custom Shirts for “Out of the Ordinary” Events

While we have a huge collection of layouts and clip art to use in creating your custom shirts, occasionally there are events where we don’t have a clip art that will work. With a little creativity, you can still use our Easy Prints® layouts and create a great looking shirt perfect for your customer’s event.

I ran into this situation when planning a zipline trip. Ziplining was on my “bucket list” and we got a group together for a weekend trip. We found a great location, The Wilds, which is a wildlife conservation area in southern Ohio. Here is the description from their website:

Wild Zipline Safari is an unprecedented, untamed, “flight-seeing” expedition that will have you soaring over herds of animals grazing in the plains, flying over rare animals basking in the sun and seeing eye to eye with the resident giraffes.

Working in the industry, I had to have shirts for our group. We don’t have a ziplining layout or clip art, but since our ziplining experience was called a safari, we went with this theme. We have a fun safari layout, played off of the Survivor television show, and I chose that layout which is QCO-24. For the clip art, I chose one of those animals we would see grazing in the plains, a zebra, one of my favorites. Not wanting to draw the attention of the carnivorous animals (I later found out, we do avoid zipping over them so we don’t tease them with dinner!) I chose a khaki shirt and a black print.

Layout with finished shirt

Layout QCO-24 from the Idea Book™ with Clip Art X2M-137 customized for our Zipline Safari trip!

One member of our group prefers a left chest print over the full size prints, and this was handled for just a few cents more with a gang sheet. On each sheet I was able to fit 1 full adult size and 3 left chest prints that could also be used for shorts, cinch sacks to store our goods, and sweatpants.

Our shirts were a hit and we made it safely back to civilization.

Group Shirts

All geared up and ready to go - complete with our group shirts!