Decorating Zipper Hoods

With the popularity of zipper hoods increasing, customers want to know what is the best way to heat print this type of apparel?  Our plastisol transfers apply easily to this apparel and there are a couple of alternatives.   The heat will not damage a metal zipper.  If it is plastic, check with the manufacturer to be sure it will not melt with the heat.

The easiest way to heat print a zipper hood is to avoid the zipper completely.   We’ve shown two ways to do this using our Easy Prints® layouts.   A left chest gives the traditional look, but by using one of our leg/sleeve designs you can give your zipper hood a unique look that is done easily.

QCH-69  |  QFB-122

If your customer wants to go completely over the zipper as we shown here, leave the hood completely zippered up. Set your heat press to firm pressure to compensate for the zipper.  Pre-press to remove moisture, wrinkles and also to get the seam around the zipper to lay flat.   Position the transfer, press and peel using the directions supplied with the transfer.  Remove the release paper and gently unzip to separate the ink where the zipper zips.  Take a cover sheet (extra transfer paper, reusable cover sheet or Kraft paper), cover and press again for a few seconds to seal the edges.  Your zipper hood is ready for sale!

QCH-69  |  QFB-122

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