Class Roster Custom Transfers

QTY-33 Design

QTY-33 Class Roster Design

Local schools give you a great opportunity for increasing sales with each new class that goes through the doors. Senior “Class of” shirts are very popular and offer a great way to give the students a way to remember their classmates. Before graduation this year offer your local school custom apparel with their class roster. All you need is a professional heat press and custom transfers.

Keep in mind Transfer Express’ typesetting layouts allow you to change the text, colors, and clip arts and add the class list.

Layout shown- QTY-33




Here’s how to send a list:
1. Type uppercase names in a word processing program in a single column.
2. Save the list as a .txt file
3. Send the list electronically at our website,
4. Click on the “Send us your Artwork” tab.


Also try Signature Designs for extra personalization of the class list. The class can sign their names in the design and we will make it into screen printed transfers to be heat printed onto 100% cotton, 100% polyester or blends of cotton and polyester!

Layout shown – CS-19