Design Tips for Script with a Tail Artwork

One of the most popular layouts during baseball and softball season is script with a tail. We have 80 different script with tail layouts to choose from. Some are solid, some with show thru text, some thin, some thick and even flame and stars/stripes tail. The youth and recreational teams want to look like the pros. Tails are used by the Los Angeles Dodgers, Oakland A’s, and Cleveland Indians are just a few of the teams showing off this look

Script with a Tail Saves Money

This look is also a great way to save money. At the adult size you can fit 2 layouts on the same sheet to cut your printing cost in half. Layouts with a thin tail or at a youth size may ever fit 3 per sheet to cut your printing cost in thirds

 Creating Your Script with a Tail Art

In Easy View, our online designer you can change the text, size and color these popular layouts but one thing you can’t do is weld the tail. Welding the tail is the process of attaching the tail to the script.  This is a service our design team will do at no charge and automatically for you when you submit your order. If you want the tail welded to the script lettering just move it close and we will smooth out the rough spots

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