How to Use Custom Stickers to Promote Your Small Business

Custom stickers are a low cost and effective way to promote your business. If you are just starting out or expanding your business, stickers can create greater visibility for your venture. Use custom stickers not just as a giveaway but as a way to brand your business.

Designed custom stickers should include at least your logo, maybe a tagline and definitely your website or a way to reach you.

Why Use Custom Stickers

First of all, stickers are probably the most versatile low tech marketing tool you can use to promote your business. In an age of social media, stickers provide personal interaction with customers that you can’t often get behind a screen.

Word of mouth marketing is still powerful and custom stickers can spread your business name and message. They are a memorable giveaway that is usually seen as a gift rather than a piece of marketing.

You can even put stickers on water bottles, mobile phone cases and the materials you pack your products in to give existing customers something special to remind them of your business.

Target Your Customers

Who are you trying to reach to purchase your products? If you are looking for new customers, where can you find them? Where do they hang out – either online or in person?

Maybe you are hoping to sell to sports teams. You can attend local sports events and armed with your stickers talk to potential customers. When talking to them, learn what their apparel needs are and give them a sticker in return for helping you.

This will help you practice your message to new customers and also provide invaluable customer information to help you create better products that more people want and need.

Where to Promote Your Business

If you have a brick and mortar storefront for your business, consider putting stickers on windows or other places customers might see them and ask about them. Leaving a stack out for people to pick up is another option to spread the word. Also, try co-marketing with another business. Create t-shirts for bands? Ask a concert venue or coffee shop if you can leave a stack of stickers for patrons to pick up.

Another idea for passing out your custom stickers is to attend fairs and festivals where your customers will be. Walk through the crowd and introduce yourself and your business and leave them with a sticker to remember you by. This gives you an opportunity to make a personal connection, which will make it more likely for people to want to buy your products or do with business you.

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