Easily Customize Your Awareness Apparel

Awareness ribbon t-shirt created using layout QAS-79

Awareness walk t-shirt design using a pattern, distress, and colors specific to an awareness campaign

As everyone knows, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. When selling any awareness apparel, the Easy View™ designer is the perfect tool to help you customize your designs!

The Easy Prints™ designs in Easy View are valuable to your business because they can make you stand out above your competition. Just add popular personalization to the design, such as patterns and distress. Chevron is huge right now; if your customers like chevron, add the chevron pattern to your design. Distresses are popular as well. Add a distress to the full design or even a portion of the design. In the example above, the distress is only shown inside of the ribbon clip art.

There are several ribbon clip art options that you can add to your awareness designs. Each of these ribbon clip art are fully customizable. Change the colors to match the ribbon colors for your cause, add a pattern inside of the ribbon, or even add a distress. If the ribbon that you want to use already has a pattern and you want to remove it or add a different pattern. Use the “un-group” option under “object in the top-center of the art board. Once un-grouped, you can delete the parts of the pattern that you do not like.

Below, I have included several examples of custom ribbon designs that you can create for awareness campaigns. In all but one of these designs, the original clip art was replaced with one of the available ribbon clip art options. All of these ribbon clip art were further customized; some with patterns, others having had the patterns removed, and all having various colors added for the different causes.

Awareness t-shirt ribbon designs customized from Easy Prints layouts

Awareness t-shirt ribbon designs using layouts QAP-40, QAT-24, QBA-247, QFD-22, & QSL-189

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