Create Custom Transfers Using Easy View Tool

As a Transfer Express dealer you are given a free tool, known as Easy View™, to design and order your custom heat transfers.  With Easy View, you don’t need to be an artist; anyone can use it since it is layout based. Using Easy View, you create the custom layout by changing the text, clip art and typestyles. That is all there is to being a designer using this simple tool. If you have not ordered from Transfer Express, it is simple to get started and gain access to this free tool—just place your first order by phone, fax or send your art online and access to Easy View will be set up for you.

To use Easy View™:

  1. Dealers – Login at
  2. Click the “Idea Book Layouts” tab at the top of the page
  3. Select a category for the style of layout you’d like or enter a specific layout number in the Search field
  4. Click the picture of the layout
  5. Enter your text lines and change the typestyles if desired
  6. Change clip art if needed using the browse and search buttons
  7. Choose Ink color(s) and Apparel Colors
  8. Save your job, preview and share your design, or submit your order!