Educational and Informative Videos about Custom Transfers

Did you know that we provide a wide array of application and informative videos?  These videos are a great way to find tips on how to apply the specific type of transfer that you are heat pressing to your apparel item.  There are even product videos that explain what kind of transfers may be useful for the specific season or holiday! (Such as our Christmas transfer video).  All of these videos can be found in the video section of our website.  Video categories include:

Videos: Application InstuctionsRefer to these videos when you are applying a transfer that you have never used before or if you are applying your transfer to a spot of the apparel item that you have not pressed to before.  A few examples of videos in this category include; ‘How to Decorate Shoes with Custom Transfers,’  ‘Heat Transfer Application – Basic Instructions,’ and ‘Heat Printing Obstructions.’


Videos: Product DemosThis section is great to reference when you are looking for what’s new and what’s in style.  It even has a few videos to help you navigate the website.  Some videos in this category include; ‘Christmas Rhinestones and Full Color Stock Transfers,’ ‘Send Us Your Artwork to Print Custom Transfers,’ and ‘Split Front Jersey Application with Goof Proof.’


Videos: Heat Press TrainingIn this section you will find videos that define what exactly a heat press is, provide overviews of different heat presses that we offer, and even a few application videos.  Some of the videos in this category include; ‘What is a Heat Press,’ ‘Air Fusion™ Heat Press,’ and ‘Applying a Transfer to a Cap.’


Videos: MarketingThese videos are great to reference when you are looking for ways to market your business or even when you want to learn more about our company.  The videos in this category include; ‘Transfer Express Marketing Kit,’ ‘Meet Your New Screen Printer’ in English, and the French version ‘Découvrez votre nouveau sérigrapheur.’


Videos: Educational WebinarsThis section is great for catching up with past webinars!  Our webinars are completely free and meant to help you with different aspects of your business.  A few of the webinar recordings that you will find in this section include; ‘Create Holiday Gifts Using Custom Transfers,’ ‘Artwork Tips for Transfers,’ and ‘Start Your Home T-shirt Business.’


Videos: Software TrainingIn this section you will find tips on how to use various tools in editing programs and learn more about some of the ordering features on our website.  Some of the videos in this section include; ‘Online Ordering for Rhinestone Ready Layouts,’ ‘Convert to Curves in CorelDraw,’ and ‘Sponsor Names and League Transfers.’


Videos: Company NewsThese videos usually take place at trade shows that we are attending and generally explain a little more about our company and our transfer products.  Videos in this section include; ‘Custom Transfers are Easy,’ ‘Fastest, Easiest Way to Number Jerseys,’ and ‘Who is Transfer Express.’

For a full list of videos that we offer, check out the video section of our website!

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