End of School Year T-Shirt Sales Ideas

Just because the school year is nearing the end, it doesn’t mean schools can’t be a great source for sales. Many year end events are in the planning stages and custom printed t-shirts are a big part of those events. Graduations are occurring at all levels-Kindergarten, Middle School and High School. Most elementary schools have a field day to close out the year. And the High School prom is a traditional year end event. We have an entire layout section dedicated to Proms or use the theme and pick a layout to customize for their shirts. In the Elementary School section we have several choices for field days t-shirts, and many class list and graduation designs to choose. Use your local school’s website to find out the date and coordinator of each of these events. Then use your Easy View online tool to create a custom apparel flyer for the school. Take this to your presentation and with the work already done for them, you are sure to win the sale!

Easy Prints® prom design

Prom design using Easy Prints® layout QSL-156

Easy Prints® field day design

Field Day design using Easy Prints® layout QYT-74