End of School Year T-Shirt Sales

The countdown to summer has begun. Soon, most schools will end another school year. If you are in the t-shirt business, this is a great time to grab some end of year sales! Here are a couple of t-shirt sales ideas.


Schools have graduation celebrations for various levels of achievement – kindergarten, middle school, high school and college. They are proud they are from the Class of 2016 and want it displayed, and a custom printed Class of 2016 t-shirt is the perfect carrier! We have made it easy to create and show potential customers the custom printed shirt you can print for them. Use Easy View® and the Easy Prints® layouts to create custom prints in seconds so you can outshine the competition. You can create signature t-shirts and class lists are just a great Class of 16 design.

Class Of T-Shirt

This Class Of design was created “from scratch” using Easy View with clip art numbers X17D-38 and X17D-42.


Graduation T-shirt design

This t-shirt was designed starting with Easy Prints layout QFD-21


custom shirts for graduation

Custom Class Of t-shirt design created from Easy Prints layout QAL-374


custom seniors t-shirt

Design created “from scratch” in Easy View, using clip art X30S-11, X2E-85, and distress pattern X19A-996


Field Day

Most elementary schools hold a field day at the end of the school year. Each grade, or class, typically wears a different color t-shirt with the same field day print on the front. This is perfect to increase profits because the order is large and with an ink color change, you can economically print for all the different color t-shirts that will be worn. For example, first graders are wearing green, second graders blue, third graders red and fourth graders white. For the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders you would order your custom transfers in white ink and for the 4th graders order Navy blue. Your custom printing price will be based on the entire run with a small fee for the ink color change.

custom Field Day t-shirts

Custom Field Day shirt designed from Easy Prints layout QYT-161


custom Field Day shirts

With extra space on the transfer sheet, add in customization options for each class. Then just cut the transfer out and align. This design was made “from scratch” using clip art X2M-17, X15X-84, X15X-71, X17B-92, and X17A-637.


custom Field Day bag

A Field Day bag idea using Easy Prints layout QAP-30


To gain either of these sales, approach the school PTO or parent teacher group. Typically they will help spearhead this project. The more work you do for them, like approaching them with the finished art you created in Easy View, our online t-shirt designer, the more likely you are to close the sale!