New Medical Layout and Clip Art for Custom T-Shirt Design

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This week we added to our medical layouts and clip art, based on your suggestions and feedback.
These can be used for nurse appreciation, medical student wear and gear, EMS and anything else you can design.

QBU-288 QBU-288-Color
X7E-33                                                      X7E-32
X7E-33             X7E-32
X7E-37                                                 X7E-35
X7E-37     X7E-35
X7E-39                                                                X7E-38
X7E-39    X7E-38
X7E-36                                                                       X7E-34
X7E-36         X7E-34
X7E-41                                                                               X7E-40
X7E-41                X7E-40
Happy Designing!


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