Facebook Marketing Tip No. 1 – Show Off Your Shirts On Facebook

While more decorated apparel shops are understanding the worth of putting up a Facebook business page, many are still struggling with what kind of content to post. To make your Facebook a viable business tool, you must find the right balance between fun and interesting vs. promotional information.

People are on Facebook for mostly social reasons, and they do not want to be bombarded with what is going to be considered advertising for a business. However, there are a number of ways to communicate what services you offer without being offensive or blatant.

One of the easiest ways to promote yourself on Facebook is to show off your work. When you finish a job that you’re proud of, make sure you take a photo of it and post it up on Facebook. Tell a little bit about it. Good examples are what was the purpose of the shirt, who did the artwork, and how it was decorated. Even better, see if you can get customers to shoot a photo of a recipient or their customer wearing the shirt.

If you think about it, having a shot with your customers happily wearing shirts you created is probably one of the greatest testimonials you can get. Even without copy stating “I love my shirts from The ABC T-Shirt shop,” the photo says it all.

All shops have favorite customers with whom they have a great relationship. Consider asking some of your best customers if they wouldn’t mind taking a photo sometime of some work you’ve done for them. It’s a painless, inexpensive way to gain some valuable exposure for your business, and your customers will probably be flattered to see you post their shirts on Facebook as well.

Customer in their shirts on Facebook

Put photos on Facebook of customers wearing their shirts.