Get Ready For Spring Sports with Custom Lacrosse Apparel & Helmets

It's easy to customize Easy Prints layouts in the Easy View designer

Here is Easy Prints layout QLS-16 as its original Easy Prints layout, customized in Easy View, and heat applied to a hoodie

With spring sports fast approaching, comes the need for custom spring sport apparel! Lacrosse is one of the sports that will need custom apparel for this season!

When using clip art of lacrosse players in your custom designs, it is important to note that female and male lacrosse players wear different masks. The male lacrosse players wear a helmet that covers their whole head, where the female lacrosse players wear a mask that mainly covers their eyes. The clip art below are just a few examples of clip art that show the player masks.

Lacrosse masks clip art options for male and female players

Lacrosse masks are different for male and female players. If adding player clip art to your design, consider gender


There is so much that you can create for lacrosse apparel using the Easy View online designer! Below are a few examples of designs that can be created by customizing layouts in the designer! Customize t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, umbrellas, and so much more!

Lacrosse apparel designs created for hoodies, sweatshirts, and t-shirts

From left: Layouts QAS-70, QLS-2, and QLS-23

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