Ink Formula Focus: Glitter Screen Printed Transfers

QEV-60 in silver Glitter Ink

QEV-60 in Silver Glitter Ink

The use of glittery, sparkling graphics on apparel is a growing trend for girls and women who want to add a little “wow” to their custom designs.  Glitter designs can be applied to apparel using a number of different techniques but none that has the quality and durability like screen printed transfers. Like standard screen printing, Transfer Express’ Glitter transfers are printed using plastisol ink but with added sparkle. You can actually see the glitter in the ink!

 Unlike the other standard plastisol transfers created, Glitter transfers are a “cold peel transfer”, meaning after it is applied with a professional heat press the transfer paper is not peeled away until after it has completely cooled. So after each transfer is heat applied to the garment, set it to the side and go on to apply the next transfer. Once they have all cooled, peel away!

 Glitter Transfers:

            Can be applied to light and dark garments

            Heat print to any cotton, polyester or cotton/poly blend fabrics

            Look best with bold designs. Not recommended with detailed artwork.

            Are available in 5 colors; red, blue, green, gold and silver

            Can include any of the 5 glitter colors in the design.

Request a sample of these Glitter transfers to show your customers all of their printing options. They are perfect for groups such as cheerleaders, gymnasts, sororities, camps and even fashion designs.