Profitable Add-on Sales are Easy with Custom Transfers

With the use of custom transfer gang sheets, add on sales can be very profitable and easy to do.  Gang sheets are custom transfers printed with multiple art images on one sheet and then cut apart for use.  This customer’s team ordered uniforms with an Easy Prints® script tail layout  (QAL-42) on the front, a name and number on the back and the team mascot, a stallion (X2H-1) on the sleeve.  They ordered a color change for printing on both their home and away uniforms.  The customer then showed them a bat bag that could be ordered and offered to print it with the mascot and a number.  They were able to use the same mascot transfer that had been used on the sleeve so this print cost them nothing.  They then ordered 2” numbers using Express Names™ for just $3!  The bag was purchased for $17 and printed with a logo and number for just $3.  They sold the custom printed bags for $35 making an extra $15 on each team member! 

Names, Numbers, Script/Tails, Clip Art

Names, Numbers, Script/Tails, Clip Art

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