Group Apparel for Travelers

Have you noticed groups with matching t-shirts when you visit new states, amusement parks, or even national landmarks? Matching travel t-shirts is a popular trend for families, camps, parties, and organizations. Offer your customers this trend by creating apparel specific to the place where they are traveling; customization is the key!

Bachelor Party T-shirt - QBA-242

Bachelor party t-shirt for parties attending a baseball game. Layout QBA-242

You can create travel t-shirts for bachelor and bachelorette parties that are traveling to attend an event. The example above shows a customized t-shirt for a bachelor party attending a baseball game in Arlington, Texas. Instead of writing out Texas we used clip art to represent the state. We even added a star to the state’s shape to show where in the state the baseball game will take place.

Family Traveling T-shirt - QRN-158

Family reunion or travel t-shirt for the “Tyler” family. Specific to the travel location. Layout QRN-158

If your customers are traveling with family or even to a family reunion, you can create customized travel apparel for the family members. The example is for a family traveling to Anaheim, California. To add extra customization, we added clip art for a few locations they will visit while they are there. They may visit an amusement park, the beach, and should see plenty of palm trees.

Day Camp Zoo T-shirt - QYT-191

Day camp t-shirt for traveling to the zoo. Include city where zoo is located. Layout QYT-191

Customized group t-shirts are great for camps whether they are being used as camp shirts or have information for the place that they will be traveling to that day. This example shows the camp’s name as well as the location of the zoo that they will be visiting. The layout started with the zoo bus clip art, which is perfect for children attending the camp.

Traveling band camp t-shirt - QRT-40

Niagara Falls t-shirt for a traveling band camp. Layout QRT-40

Camps that specialize in something, like band, cheer, or even football , may take a day to travel as well. If they do, you can create custom travel apparel for these groups too! Shown is a design for groups visiting Niagara Falls. This could be great for school field trips as well!

Families, camps, schools, and organizations travel in groups all of the time. It’s a great way for them to represent their team or group. One of the big advantages to them having matching t-shirts could be that they are easier to find in the large crowds at tourist locations. If a large group is traveling with multiple supervisors, the groups could even be divided into different shirt colors by supervisors. Supervisor one could be the red group and supervisor two can be the green group. Each group would have the same t-shirt design, just different colored t-shirts.

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